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The wait is over! Major System: Master Memorizing Numbers has finally been released to the AppStore and you can get it here. The app is optimized for all iPhone/iPod touch devices and runs in letter-boxed mode for iPhone5. For those of you who are not familiar with memorization techniques, a sequence of numbers can be better remembered by following these steps (used and trained my memory atheles):

  • Translate abstract numbers into meaningful objects (this is where Major System will come into place to help you).
  • Associate those objects with a vibrant story/journey/imagery (loci method or memory palace)

More on Major System:

Screen Shots:

Excerpt straight from the app information page:

  • Major System is among one the most popular mnemonic techniques for memorizing numbers. The method works by utilizing a simple concept: numbers are abstract and hard to remember; However, the human brain is a lot more receptive and responsive to buoyant and vibrant imagery. Thus by converting numbers into meaningful text, it is easier for the brain to retain information.
  • One can master this technique by remembering how each digit is associated with a sound (next slide) and from there, create their own set of images.
    Ex: 19 corresponds to tape and 90 correponsds to base. So instead of remembering 1990, we can come up with a fun way to fit “tape base” into our memory. The so-called memory athletes take a it step further by memorizing a list of numbers from 00-99 with peg words so they can encode and decode numers much faster.
  • This app can help you practice your major system technique by the following methods:
    • Translator: encode any number into words with a pre-defined list of peg words. Click on “?” to enter a fun quiz mode and get familiar with peg words.
    • Pegs: You can study and create your own list of peg words.
    • Practise: Test your number memorizing skill by timing yourself to see how well you remember a chosen list of numbers.

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