This is a Cake/jQuery-heavy project that my coworker, Daniel, and I collaborated on during 2 days bootcamp at Hollywood HackADay.

Our project is called PlayFrame.Network. Think of it like Twitter meets online presentation. The idea is to allow users to create simple slideshows with stunning backgrounds and concise messages. It will generate an “easy-to-plugin” javascript snippet so users can attach it to any of their websites or social media platforms.

Being functional and all, the app is still very rudimentary and under-optimized. We will make some time to improve it. Some visions we had in mind: export into mobile devices’ carousel, seamless transitions, comments/share feedbacks. Ultimately, we would love to transfer that into an online bookmarking platform. Though, it is quite a long shot.

Here is a demo of what can be done


2 thoughts on “PlayFrame.Network

  1. Luu

    I think you need to use images with lower quality. On a 30Mbps connection and I can still see the image slowly loading.

    1. klt39429 Post author

      word. I will minimize the images and try to find a way to queue them up in browser cache before actually loading it


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